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TOWELmoves Workout DVD DEMO
TOWELmoves DEMO spot with Cheryl Westerman of

  The TOWELmoves Program is fun, effective and an energizing way to enhance your existing workout, regardless of your age or fitness level. Using an ordinary towel (or the SCULPTowel) will provide dynamic movement with resistance (secret: tension created by the towel) from every angle and help to maintain correct alignment through-out each towel move. 

  TOWELmoves involves cardio, balance, stability, flexibility and sculpting moves holding a towel at different lengths and levels. A towel is lightweight, portable, affordable, and easy to find! Use at home or in the gym!

  Try a TOWELmoves Workout at the SCULPTmoves Fitness Studio in 
Marble Falls TX, selected Conferences Nationwide, on DVD, or contact us to host a CEC Workshop at your Fitness Facility. 
ANYONE CAN DO IT... home exercise, group exercise, or personal training!


TOWELmoves  workout dvd
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Cheryl Westerman Houston Conference Build-A-Butt Session
Cheryl Westerman Testimonial with Laura Ribbons, Build-A-Butt Session


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Cheryl Westerman Washington DC, DCAC Conference
Cheryl Westerman TOWELmoves Sesstion
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Cheryl Westerman at IFTA Raleigh Fitness Weekend presenting TOWELmoves Partner Training
Cheryl Westerman at IFTA Raleigh Fitness Weekend presenting TOWELmoves Partner Training. Great lower body partner workout- Loop and lock towel, create resistance and assistance pulling against your pa...


Thanks! Did some of your towel workout moves the other night at bootcamp. It kicked my butt! This is good!!!!!  Dawn Shore  

Never thought I could get a great workout with a towel :) Josh Vogt - PFP Media Magazine, BCC 

I love this! Good stuff Cheryl! I highly recommend it! Sheila Nurczyk   

I Loved it sooo much I used Towelmoves in my Muscle confusion class this morning, it was a huge hit! I will post your link on my page Cheryl. Thanks!!! Johnny G. Essel - BCC Meridian (Orlando, FL) July 2010    
I Highly recommend learning more about Towel Moves and incorporating them into your workouts! Really great stuff and so many creative ideas. Get to Cheryl's website : ) Fun and challenging moves! Tricia Lahmann - BCC Meridian (Orlando, FL) July 2010  

Thx Cheryl, your workshop was AWESOME. Hoo-Aah! Lori Patterson w/ Boot Camp Challenge Meridian (Orlando, FL) July 2010   

Cheryl - You were a HIGHLIGHT at DCAC Houston - I saw people going by the doorway being dragged by a was GREAT. Thank you for coming!   Alison (Richmond, VA.) May 2010
I did this workout recently at the conference in Houston! It was awesome and now my clients are enjoying it too! Who knew a towel could be so challenging!...LOL Thanks, Elayne (Houston, TX) May 2010  
 I was soooo inspired by you and your class @ DCAC -Sculpt a Butt that I am ready to put my Group Fitness certification to use. I obtained it through AFAA last Fall and have done nothing with it.( I work full time as a Hygienist) you are such an inspiration! thank you! 4 hours is nothing for your class- and a cec workshop sounds great. I will certainly bring some of the girls and make it a roadtrip/workout/party!, etc.  I have been training w/ your towelmoves DVD and want to order about 15 towels to start a class. Rockport is a gorgeous coastal town and maybe you could be a "special" , of course, presenter at our Health Club (Rockport Health and Fitness) a cec workshop? ...I'm excited ! Thanks,Tricia (Rockport, TX) April 2010   

Hi Cheryl-  Just ordered your DVD! I took your Sculpt Moves Build A Butt Workshop at the DCAC Convention and was able to take it right back to my class! I had no idea how much my classes would love your towel moves. Thanks for such a clever idea. I have had such a positive response and overwhelming feedback on how sore they are the next day! I'm thrilled to hear that!!!!   I have also been able to adapt towel moves for my Senior Classes & they are loving their towel routines! You are the Best! Thanks again, Chris (Houston, TX) 

TOWELmoves is an awesome workout! There is nothing out there like it! I got a FULL BODY cardio sculpt workout, really felt the burn and was sore the next day! My Sister RoCkS and I LOVE her new TOWELmoves program! Love ya girl, Charla (Texas)

TOWELmoves is amazing, you'll never know how great it is of a workout until you try it! ...So GO FOR IT- Get it! Got it! Tried it! Loved it! FUN-FUN-FUN  Thanks, Lisa (New Braunsfel, TX)  

You are an Inspiration-- just what I needed to give me a kick start! I got my group fitness certification and now I am totally inspired! TOWELmoves was the BEST Class I took at the DCAC Houston Conference. I maxed my lactate threshold! You Kicked my butt Cheryl!!!- Thanks, Tricia (Rockport, TX)  

My Brother and I love TOWELmoves! We workout together and love to sculpt with your video... it RoCKs!!! -Nadia (Mexico)  I am so glad I meet you at the Southern Women's Nashville Show! I bought your DVD and now sweating up a storm! Love the workout! Thanks, Amanda (Nashville, TN)  

So, I decided to forego my regular routine tonight and try some TOWELmoves! My wife (a physical therapist) and I LOVED IT! My shoulders are especially tired! This will become part of a regular routine immediately. Thanks, Cheryl! --JOE (TN.)  

Motivation is what I needed from your DVD! I'm sore as heck, but I'm going to stick it out this time! I will keep you posted! Lisa  You know I like TOWELmoves when I hit it at SCW Dallas in 2009! Bad to the Bone, fastest way to trim up! -- Brian (Sugarland, TX)  

I love this workout, thanks for the DVD! It's the BEST! ...Just wish we had it here in the UK. Keep up the good work!  Pauline  My body building husband and I have done the TOWELmoves Workout! We were both whipped! As a fan of fitness, I can honestly say this workout is FUN, full of energy and easy on the joints. The towel also helps create stability and resistance in every move. Thanks, Elizabeth (Lago Vista, TX) 

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