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TOWELmoves READY. SET. SCULPT. Cardio Workout
This DVD requires only a towel and demontrates the many ways to cardio sculpt your body. Learn Simple and effective ways on how to create tension (engaging muscles) when you hold the towel. It is FUN and for Everyone... Try it today! ....Great GIFT IDEA!
Price: $24.95
TOWELmoves CORE COMBO DVD (NATS "E" Fit Gym sold separately)
This DVD requires a Towel and NATS Mini E Fit Resistance Travel Gym. You will learn how to combine towel moves and tubing exercises to create a strong core. Quickly build your strength and endurance all at the same time! If you need the Complete Product package... See COMPLETE CORE COMBO SET Below... Already have NATS E Fit travel gym? Select this item! SCULPTowel and DVD Combo
Price: $19.99
NATS Gym only (TOWELmoves DVD NOT included)
Your NATS Mini E Fit “perfect fit gym”... Complete set will include: Mini E Fit board with mat 24” x 24”, set of handles and exercise tubing, one leg tubing ankle cuff, get started DVD, instructional booklet, and gym bag.
Price: $119.95
The SCULPT towel (no logo)
The TOWELmoves Workout Towel with LOGO Great for SWEAT! .....Approx. size 12" X 44" long
Price: $9.99
SCULPT towel 6-pack (no logo)
The SCULPTowel 6-pack for Group Exercise and TOWELmove Workouts! Great for SWEAT!
Price: $49.95
Mini Demo Chart
Price: $5.00
Tote Bag
TOWELmoves TOTE BAG- Perfect for your workout towel, shoes, and clothes- zip closure. Large pocket front side for notes, keys, etc. Mesh side pockets for water bottle, pens, etc. Shoulder strap adjustable. Black/Blue/White trim/yellow logo size: 15"X 17"X 6"
Price: $19.95
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